Zona Fresca - Char Broiled Chicken Burrito

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Zona Fresca - Fresh Salsa Bar

Made Fresh Daily

  • using ingredients that are all natural,
    no preservatives, no msg
  • grilled boneless, skinless chicken
    breast and lean, trimmed steak
  • salsas using only top quality produce
  • guacamole made from scratch using
    whole ripe avocados
  • chips made in 100% cholesterol-free
    canola oil
  • beans using no lard

Zona Fresca - Steak Tostada

Zona Fresca Story

We began our journey twelve years ago by planning to open a restaurant that would not only provide South Florida with a taste of Mexican food, but would create an environment that was not your everyday eatery.

At Zona Fresca, our Mission is to create a "great place" where people in our community can gather, enjoy a high quality meal and experience Mexican food that is fresh, light, and can be consumed every day.
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New Jersey

Lawrenceville NOW OPEN!!
May's Landing NOW OPEN!!

more coming...

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Not your everyday Mexican food... 
          Mexican food you can eat every day